Wednesday, December 1, 2010

IFO++ : Memoirs of a Successful Event

It has already been a month after “IFO++”; the ICT exhibition held by University of Colombo School of Computing. As I told in one of my previous posts, this was planned and organized with  the purpose of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Computer Science higher education in University of Colombo. I’m happy and proud to say, the exhibition was a huge success and it held on 28th to 30th October at UCSC premises with giving a novel experience to the crowd.

The credit of the success should go to all the parties; students from all the current batches, old students, and ofcourse the staff. With the dedication and the hard work by all these parties, the success is a certain fact.
I’m glad to become a part of such event and ofcourse to become a part of such group of people who share the same passion during all those tired days prior to the IFO.  Even this was an ICT and Computer science exhibition, there were lot to do and prepare for. In the following pictures you will realize the effort put behind the event by our undergraduates.

Finally, all those efforts end up successfully with leaving some good memories which we will never forget through our lives. No need to tell more about that because the pictures will tell a better story than words.

Director of UCSC, Prof. Gihan Wckramanayake with invited guests.
First mechanical calculator used in Sri Lanka 

One of the early hard drives

Widusayura, the ship simulator - An award wining project
Seminars for O/L and A/L students on IT

Parts of the huge mother board created for demonstrate the functionality of a Computer

Game zone

Virtual Learning management system

What we want is to motivate our younger generation towards the IT. Hope we were successful in that aspect.

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