Friday, June 18, 2010

Imagine Cup 2010 : My experience

Imagine Cup Sri Lanka is the biggest and the most competitive student technology competition in Sri Lanka. This program is organized by Microsoft Sri Lanka as a part of the program Imagine cup which held every year globally by Microsoft Corporation.

The Sri Lankan competition commenced in 2005 since then it gained the student attraction and now has become the most important IT competition in the country. In this year, it has reached more than hundreds of students who test their skills in five different categories and some other awards.

After this introduction, I’m proud to say that I was one of the software design competition finalists in this year finals. Me, and three of my friends (Chathika Gunarathne, Lasantha Samarakoon and Aruna Karunarathne) presented the “Green Globe”, which is our solution to address the poverty and hunger problem in developing countries. Our goal was to use our expertise in Information Technology to replenish and organize agricultural development in areas which would benefit from it the most.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello World !

Hi Everyone! First and fare most, since you are reading the very first post of my blog; let me say “Welcome!” J.

hello world in programming

I am a developer. Nowadays, it seems bit odd to be in the IT industry and not to have a blog. Why is it so important to have a blog? May be the answer is we really need a place to put our ideas, perspectives or share our experience on a particular matter. Of course, for software developers, blogs really mean a lot of help because someone else from anywhere in the world might have the answer for the problem you are facing.