Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Story Never Ends ! [UCSC Batch 6]

End of a journey. But still couldn’t believe it! Though this wasn't un-expected, I never anticipated that reaching the end of my undergraduate life would make me this much emotional. Even though we (me and my batch mates - UCSC 6th batch, 2007/2008 intake) are not graduated yet, yesterday was the final remarkable day at university for most of us except our friends who’ll be continuing with their specialization on the fourth year.

Sometimes it's too much to believe that a span of few years can make a significant impact on a  collective group of people. But I believe, my colleagues will agree with me on the opinion that our attitudes, our conduct, our anticipations and our sense of responsibility had undergone through drastic changes during the years we spent at university. It's not only the academic knowledge or technical skills on Computer Science or IT that we are taking away from our undergraduate days - without a doubt, the experience of last few years had shaped our lives forever.

We had set our first steps in university on late July 2008 with numerous hopes, goals and dreams. Bunch of strangers in a totally strange place! None of us hardly knew each other. But now it's ironical that most of us feel the same way, that we don't want to leave this place or the life that we adapted to. Three years ago, I was glad and proud to become an undergraduate in University of Colombo. Still I am, and it’ll be same for the future. Hope it is a common feeling shared by all of my dear colleagues.

At University ground : Just within first two months in university

Undoubtedly, we got a lot from UCSC, including the foundation steps to our future. In-turn, as a socially responsible group of students, we tried our best to give something back to the university and to the greater  community. We sincerely hope that our efforts to give something back will at least match a fraction from what we received.

'Shramadhana' campaign 2008

It’s not only the place, but also the people which made last three years so special and unforgettable. I must acknowledge that my batch mates were an awesome bunch! We worked together on our academic goals, but what really defined us were the things that we did out of our curriculum.

Not only my fellow friends, but also my seniors, juniors and the UCSC staff should also be remembered. One thing I’m sure of is, the peace and harmony we had at UCSC was not common in most of the government universities in Sri Lanka. The credit belongs to all of the people mentioned above. 

Sports Day 2008  : One of the craziest days in our first year

Batch Trip 2008 : Hanthana Mountain Hike

However, (as it happens to every good thing) university life will come to an end. We had spent three years in university together - probably will be the most remarkable years of each individual's lives. During the last few years we shared each other's joy and bared each other's sorrow. We overcame obstacles, had rough times, fought with each-other, backed each-other and finally finished everything on a high note.

Pirith Ceremony 2009 : In memory of  Prof. V. K. Samaranayake - the founder of UCSC
"Paduru Sajje" 2010 : Where all batches and academic staff gathered to have a moment of joy

IFO++ Exhibition 2010 : Commitment and the hard work finally paid off !

From now on, each of us will be taking different paths, different goals in our own ways. Yet the memories we shared will remain for ever.

Yes, it’s time to departure.., but this is not the end. This is just a milestone…, our stories have so many chapters to come… within those, we’ll cross our paths again. Even then, I'm pretty sure we will be the same ‘batch’ just as it was three years ago.

The story never ends !


  1. is sad to say good bye to our brothers and sisters:( but im sure we will always be there for each other no matter what:)one of the best UCSC has ever had:)

  2. The topic for the post is actually stolen from a FB post of one of my seniors (Chamila de Alwis).
    Hope he wouldn't mind it :D

  3. It is awesome ayya, really good memories :)

  4. Yeah That's true "The Story That Never Ends".. :)

  5. Believe me, surely is never ends and special the UCSC spirit never let it end !!


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