Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bloggers, Are you there?

You already know this November is the Microsoft Student Champs Networking Month. So lot’s of things happening behind. New faces, new universities, loads of events at unis… We have done our last monthly meeting at Open University and reached IIT for an introductory session and several other activities are happening in other universities right now. Of course! this was a busy month. Recently number of new members joined the Student Champs community via our Web site, Facebook group and Facebook page. If you are not a part of this community yet, but you are a Sri Lankan undergraduate willing to become a member, do not hesitate to go and register on those web sites.

Apart from all that, we are going to give a chance for our existing champs. It’s our Blogging Competition! If you are a blogger, this is your chance to get some fabulous prizes while typing your thoughts into a blog post. If you are not a blogger, yet you can get in to this competition by starting blogging right away. Deadline is not far away, but still you have time to do something with your creativity.

Following poster contains each and every detail about the competition. If it is hard to read it, double click on the image to open it separately.

You have to stick to the given topic. It’s nothing other than the “Microsoft Student Champs Networking Month”. Make sure to express your feelings about this community and about our networking month. The posts should be written in English. Write your blog post not exceeding the word limit of 400, post it in you blog, and send the URL of the blog post to along with your name, university, faculty and other contact details. Make sure to submit your entries before 30th November 2010. So, Hurry up!

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