Friday, June 18, 2010

Imagine Cup 2010 : My experience

Imagine Cup Sri Lanka is the biggest and the most competitive student technology competition in Sri Lanka. This program is organized by Microsoft Sri Lanka as a part of the program Imagine cup which held every year globally by Microsoft Corporation.

The Sri Lankan competition commenced in 2005 since then it gained the student attraction and now has become the most important IT competition in the country. In this year, it has reached more than hundreds of students who test their skills in five different categories and some other awards.

After this introduction, I’m proud to say that I was one of the software design competition finalists in this year finals. Me, and three of my friends (Chathika Gunarathne, Lasantha Samarakoon and Aruna Karunarathne) presented the “Green Globe”, which is our solution to address the poverty and hunger problem in developing countries. Our goal was to use our expertise in Information Technology to replenish and organize agricultural development in areas which would benefit from it the most.

In many third world countries farming is a major source of income and resources for cultivation are usually available. However, these people are almost always prone to financial deficiencies and lack the coordination and capital to make use of the resources around them. Project Green Globe aims solve this problem by directing micro-investments from individuals around the world towards these areas to initiate and maintain cultivation. Green Globe acts as a tool for charity organizations to convert their charity funds into a capital investment to be given to farmers, providing them with a chance of self-sustenance.

Though our solution wasn’t able to win, we are proud to have the winners from our university, UCSC (University of Colombo School of Computing). Team “Collectivists” presented their solution “Speak Up” which took the credits of the finals and will present it on the world wide finals to be held at Poland, next July.

I’m really proud to become one of the finalists as it allows us to test our skills against with the brilliant minds in other universities across the country. Certainly it was really a good challenge to have, which also associates a great learning curve. If you are an IT student, I would like to ask you to face this challenge, where you will learn a lot and certainly you will also help the world by solving some of the toughest problems.

I would conclude this with wishing all the best for team collectivists for the upcoming worldwide finals and please make us proud by bringing the glory to Sri Lanka.


  1. Great bro!
    I wish all the best for the team who represent worldwide finals from your university!

  2. Nice work Machan... Next time we will definitely win machan... :)


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