Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Installing Windows 7 from USB

Installing Windows 7 from a DVD is the most common way and anyone won’t need any advices on that. Absolutely it is a very straightforward process and what you just need do is following the instructions. But there may be some situations where you need to use a USB as the installation media. For example, some notebook computers doesn’t have a DVD drive by default. Well, in my case, I had a desktop which it’s DVD drive wasn’t working :) Odd enough!

Anyhow if you need to use a USB stick as a medium for installing Windows 7, you will have to follow few steps. But with maximum care. Because there are some commands we are executing which will even cause complete disk formatting if you execute them in wrong manner. But no need to panic, just follow the instructions as it is.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is a DDoS Attack?

“DDoS attacks” (Distributed Denial of Service attacks) may not be an alien term for you by now. Of course it became one of the popular search keywords in the previous weeks; because a group of hackers called “Anonymous” launched an attack targeting some major banking web sites. ‘Anonymous’ claiming their “Operation Payback”, commenced several DDoS attacks supporting WikiLeaks. On 8th December 2010, a coordinated DDoS attack by Operation Payback brought down both the MasterCard and Visa websites. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

IFO++ : Memoirs of a Successful Event

It has already been a month after “IFO++”; the ICT exhibition held by University of Colombo School of Computing. As I told in one of my previous posts, this was planned and organized with the purpose of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Computer Science higher education at University of Colombo. I’m happy and proud to say, the exhibition was a huge success. It was held during 28th to 30th October at UCSC premises, which provided a novel experience to most of the crowd attended.

The credit of the success should go to all parties involved; undergraduates from all the current batches, former graduates, and of-course the university staff. With the immense dedication and the hard work from all parties, the success was a certain fact.