Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Microsoft Virtual Academy - Free Learning Resources for Cloud

If you are an IT professional who daily interact with the technology, no need to tell how hard it is to keep up with the continually evolving technologies and practices. Often that is the toughest part in leading a career in IT.

There are always new emerging concepts and technological breakthroughs, so in order to keep yourself up in the top; you always have to engage in learning.

If you haven’t known yet – Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) is one of the best and freely available learning experience focused on cloud based Microsoft Technologies. It allows you to learn several cloud related technologies including Windows Azure, BI, Public/Private Cloud… and more.

MVA courses are carried out in a way similar to the university courses. Courses consist on modules and each module typically contains a collection of different resources (e.g. Video presentations, Word or PDF files). Finally there would be a self-assessment to assess your knowledge on the subject. These self-assessments may have single answer, multiple choice, or true and false questions. Best part is till you reach your objectives, you can repeat those self-assessments. 

Upon successful completion of course modules, you’ll receive points which will help you climb levels within the Academy. You see a dashboard when you sign in that tracks your point progress for Bronze (0-99), Silver (100-499), Gold (500-2,999), and Platinum (3,000+) levels.

Please note that these courses or the points achieved will not be considered for any Microsoft Technical Certification.

Registering for MVA
Microsoft Virtual Academy is completely free! Go to What you only need to have is a Windows Live ID. You can study any time at your own pace.
Happy Learning !

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