Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey, This is Champs Networking Month !

Sri Lanka’s largest and ever growing undergraduate student technical community, “Microsoft Student Champs” has broaden it’s horizons over the last few months. Since been commenced in 2005, it has been an active community. But from the number of community members, it didn’t had large quantities in the beginning. No worries! we do only count on quality more than the quantity. Champs only concern about encouraging members to be active in the society for their own betterment and for the goodness of fellow members. But year-by-year number grew rapidly.

In the initial stage champs was formed by Microsoft with the participation of students from University of Colombo and University of Moratuwa. But we didn’t want to keep the benefits only to us. So, since then champs community has reached 13 other universities and institutes in the country (and some others planning to get onboard soon !) We have been to several universities across the country to host our meetings and workshops. In the shortest form, we are planning to give the benefits of the champs community for other interested people. Our effort is not only to share the benefits, but we want to have good relationships with all the university students to see whether there any way to help each other .

Taking that effort another step forward, we have commence this November as the “Champs Networking Month”.

What is the networking month? Well, this is not only about giving a chance to other enthusiasts who is so much passionate about the technology to get onboard. But what we are primarily targeting is, to getting networked with other university undergraduate societies in the country.

Not only technical societies! It might be any student society or a club which intend to do something for the fellow students and for the community. Of course, we will have lots to share and lots to learn from each other.  By the end of the networking month, we hope to improve our connections among the Sri Lankan undergraduate societies and to get in touch with them to see how we can finally help our country as young-talented graduates.

For further details visit champs web site and Facebook page.

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