Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ready to get ‘SYNC’-ed

Are you a university student who is interested in IT or already following your degree in IT/Computer Science? Are you passionate about the technology, latest trends in the industry? I have a news for you.

Microsoft, the pioneer in the software industry has its students program “Microsoft Student Champs” a one-of-a-kind program that recognizes top young minds that are passionate about technology and have a drive for new ideas and innovations. This Program offers an excellent opportunity for you to get recognized in various Student Communities, the IT Industry and at Microsoft all whilst networking, interacting and furthering their academic and career development.

Microsoft Student Champs commence their next big event, “SYNC” with the purpose of providing a chance to the Sri Lankan university students to get recognized in the IT industry while connecting with likeminded students and top class industry professionals.

Event details will be notified via Champs web site and Official Facebook page. Stay in touch!

Visit and get yourself SYNC-ed with the ever-growing student technical community. Get to know how you can;
  • Learn and experience the latest technologies out there
  • Develop most-wanted real world skills
  • Enhance your IT Skills and future career prospects
This is your chance to come and explore what you can do, what you can gain, and whether YOU can become a ‘Champion’ in the Industry!

NOTE: Previously this event was supposed to be held in September. Due to unavoidable circumstances we had to postpone the event. Please feel free to contact me (Kalana 0715396846) for more details. Thank You!

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